• The decisions of the Grierson Awards' organisers, reviewers and judges are final. The organisers, reviewers and judges reserve the right: to move an entry into another category, when they feel that it would be judged more appropriately there; not to make an award in any given category; and not to enter into correspondence with entrants on any subject. The Grierson Awards welcomes entries from broadcasters, independent companies or individuals provided that these entries fulfil the entry criteria.
  • Entries must have had their first UK screening, broadcast or theatrical release between 1 May 2013 and 30 April 2014; this includes scheduled screenings within recognised film, television and documentary festivals. Awards entered for all categories must have been screened in the UK.
  • Entrants may submit any number of entries into any number of categories, providing that each individual entry into each individual category is accompanied by a separate entry form, entry fee and viewing copies. The exception to this is where a documentary has been entered into one of the Contemporary Theme categories as it will not also be able to be entered into Current Affairs and vice versa. The documentary may however be entered in other relevant categories; eg Newcomer.
  • By submitting the entry, the entrant grants and warrants that the entrant is entitled to grant to The Grierson Trust the rights to make copies of a sequence of up to two minutes' running time from the entry and to include such copies and to record and use the sounds and images of any acceptance speech relating to the entry in any television broadcast, any website or any other distribution medium or publication in connection with the awards and/or The Grierson Trust including for publicity and promotional purposes, together with the right to authorise others to do any of the foregoing.
  • Entrants whose productions are shortlisted must be prepared to supply, on request, a further ten viewing copies for the judging panels on DVD PAL single sided (region 0 or region 2 – for mass-pressed DVD media) or DVD - R (for burned DVD media). We do not accept Blu-ray discs. Viewing copies will not be returned except by special arrangement with the organisers prior to judging.
  • Entrants whose productions are nominated for the final phase of the competition must be prepared to supply, within five working days of notification:
    1. time codes for clips requested by the organisers
    2. access to HD Cam or DigiBeta clip reel for use in the Awards ceremony, The Grierson Trust website and promotion. Technical specifications for HD Cam and DigiBeta copies will be supplied to nominated entrants; these tapes will be made available for collection after the awards ceremony
    3. 'Programme as Complete' or equivalent forms to assist in the clearance of rights for clips
    4. two rights cleared still production photographs for use in publicity and promotional activities preferably in a high-resolution digital format such as JPG
  • Entrants agree to release one DVD copy of each entry, together with data from the entry form, to be deposited on behalf of The Grierson Trust for non-circulation reference.
  • Each year the British Council provides, through its offices worldwide, a series of promotional non-commercial screenings of the best British documentary productions from the Grierson Awards. Nominated films are sent to the British Council for this scheme unless the entrant indicates on the entry form that they do not wish their film to be included. Producers retain the right to withdraw from this scheme for showings in named territories.
  • It is the responsibility of the entrant to provide complete, accurate information about the entry. The Grierson Trust shall not be liable for errors or omissions in the entry forms nor in any subsequent submissions.
  • If the entry form is inaccurate or incomplete, if the entry does not comply with these conditions, or if it is deemed ineligible for any other reason, then the entry will be disqualified. The organisers regret that they cannot refund the fee for any entry which is thus disqualified.
  • The fee per entry is £220 + VAT @ 20% (£264) per category except for the Newcomer and Student categories which are £50 + VAT @ 20% (£60). Entries will not be accepted into the competition until payment has been received and this should be no later Friday, 30 May 2014.
  • A complete list of shortlisted entrants, plus descriptions of finalists will be published in the Grierson Awards programme and on the Grierson Awards website at www.griersontrust.org. A complete list of winners will be published on the website.
  • The recipient of the award will normally be the director credited on the film.
  • The awards will be recorded by Sky Atlantic and persons attending will be deemed to consent to their sounds and images being included in any such recording, and to transmission and any other use thereof.
  • Duplicates of the Grierson Award may be purchased by winning programme makers and broadcasters at £195 each (+ VAT and P&P); duplicates of certificates for winning and nominated films may be purchased by programme makers and broadcasters at £30 each (+ VAT).