The Grierson Awards employ a two-stage judging process. Every entry will be reviewed by three members of, or advisors to, The Grierson Trust. From the whole entry a shortlist of around eight films from each category will be drawn up. These shortlisted films will then be judged by juries comprising five people, mainly drawn from documentary makers, broadcasters, critics and subject experts. They will decide on the final four nominations, including the winner, in each category. The judges will be looking for evidence of quality, integrity, creativity, originality and overall excellence.

Judges must declare any interest they have in any submitted entries and they will not be involved in judging a category in which they have a conflict of interest.

Entrants who are shortlisted or nominated for a Grierson award will be informed by email. Shortlisted entrants will be asked to provide additional viewing copies and nominated entrants will be required to give The Grierson Trust access to the sub-master tape. See Terms and Conditions for more information.

The full shortlist will be published on the website of The Grierson Trust by 29 July; the nominations by 16 September; and the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in early November.

The Grierson Trust chooses the recipient of the Trustees’ Award at its discretion.


Qualifying period
1 May 2014 - 30 April 2015
Closing date for entries
18:00 hours, Monday, 1 June 2015
Shortlist announced
Tuesday, 28 July 2015
Nominations announced
Tuesday, 15 September 2015
Awards ceremony
Monday, 2 November at The Mermaid, London